HONOR YOUR SPEED by James Butler-Gruett & Gabriel Dozal

HONOR YOUR SPEED by James Butler-Gruett & Gabriel Dozal ChapbookFirst printing, 100 copies.Honor Your Speed is a collaborative chapbook written by James Butler-Gruett and Gabriel Dozal. James Butler Gruett's other work can be found in Entropy, the Cardiff Review, and Yes, Poetry. Butler-Gruett recently earned their MFA from the University of Arizona. Gabriel Dozal's other … Continue reading HONOR YOUR SPEED by James Butler-Gruett & Gabriel Dozal

Osmanthus announces Honor Your Speed, a collaborative chapbook

Osmanthus is excited to announce its newest release a collaborative book by James Butler-Gruett & Gabriel Dozal. Honor Your Speed is Osmanthus' fourth release. Poems that generate the speed to leave all nostalgia dreams and artifacts in the past. Butler-Gruett & Dozal are writers based in Tucson, Arizona.Readers can find more of Dozal's work at … Continue reading Osmanthus announces Honor Your Speed, a collaborative chapbook


In addition to the fantastic William Atlas by Joshua Rothes, we have recently added payment functionality to the rest of our website. So our other published chapbooks are also now available for purchase. Both were written by the wonderful Brian Clifton. Click the links below for more information and, if interested, to order a copy … Continue reading CHAPBOOKS NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE

OSMANTHUS announces: Joshua Rothes’ William Atlas

an Orphean tale, inspired by the Kalevala We are very excited to announce the release of Joshua Rothes' William Atlas. A mythical tale of walking and the discovery of points A to B, or no points in-between. Based in Seattle, Washington, Joshua Rothes is a writer and editor at Sublunary Editions. William Atlas is available … Continue reading OSMANTHUS announces: Joshua Rothes’ William Atlas

WILLIAM ATLAS by Joshua Rothes

WILLIAM ATLAS by Joshua Rothes ChapbookFirst edition, 65 copies. Joshua Rothes is the author of several brief, difficult to classify books, including An Unspecific Dog, The Ethnographer, and The Art of the Great Dictators. We Later Cities, a novel written with the aid of machine learning, will be released by Inside the Castle in late … Continue reading WILLIAM ATLAS by Joshua Rothes


BY CARL WATTS I Without a salaam or ceremony, hole of the rock, other following him; brightness washed from a winter swimmer as peoples made small, finely chipped arrowheads. Skiffs scuffed to look sufficiently skiff, mottled globe to a continent of glaring peaks nearer and nearer the beholder, translated from one world to another. Utterly … Continue reading FLAGS FLUTTERING (REMEMBER YOUR ANCESTORS)