hello, what is osmanthus?

Founded in Spring 2019 by J. Miller and Euan Kidston, Osmanthus is interested in poetry and prose that inhabits a place beyond the text. Osmanthus is found on a hill sometimes called a mountain, along the banks of the Yangtze River.

I see, what have you been up to recently?

Last year, we started local-programming in Wuhan, where we met every Monday for two hours of focused writing. Some of that work is accesible via our Writers page or our Poems page. Recently we’ve been separated due to coronavirus and quarantines, but regular programming will start back up once everything has cleared up in Wuhan.

sounds interesting, any big news?

We published an anthology of the poetry we’ve all been collectively workshopping away at, Earshrub, back in June 2019. There are a few things available to download for free from our Archive page. Our current catalogue includes two chapbooks by Brian Clifton: MOT and Agape, with Joshua Rothes’ William Atlas available now.